Square1 - ARCHITECTURE - diverse and future-orientated

Architecture – diverse and future-orientated

Architecture that pushes ahead and stands out – just like your company! Three multiple-award-winning architecture firms have designed the state-of-the-art, energy-efficient buildings and left plenty of scope for your own design preferences. An address that’s tailor-made for you.


SQUARE 1, Berlin’s pioneering business campus, was designed by three multiple-award-winning architectural firms and a renowned landscape architecture office.

The outdoor facilities have been holistically designed by Topotek 1. Here, each of the ultramodern buildings creates its own effect, while at the same time they all combine to form a lively, harmonious whole. An impressive 140,000 square metres of office space open up growth opportunities for the work and office universes of future.

Bringing architecture to life – this is the guiding motto for the three renowned architectural firms who developed SQUARE 1: Eller + Eller, Tchoban Voss and Grüntuch Ernst. Their creativity and expertise have helped give the office campus a real aesthetic brilliance.

Square-1 Architektur 1
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Highest demands for flexibility and sustainability

The future-oriented planning concept for SQUARE 1 offers you a lot of leeway. Depending on your needs, you can connect individual rooms together, and you can also flexibly link open and rooftop spaces. This allows for locations where identities are boosted, bringing corporate identity to life even in architecture.

The most important principles for the future location SQUARE 1 are the highest building standards and a certified level of sustainability. From the choice of building materials to the choice of technical facilities, SQUARE 1 meets the highest ecological and economic requirements.

Square1 Johannisthal Dachterasse
12 Uhr in Berlin Adlershof - Rooftop Meeting

Rooftops for creative exchange

SQUARE 1 supports communication and creative working with versatile open-air work areas for informal exchanges.

When the weather is good, spacious and stylish garden rooftop areas are perfect for speaking with clients, brainstorming with colleagues or relaxing. It all adds an extra layer of flair and freedom, benefiting working culture and team spirit.

Within SQUARE 1’s striking courtyards, there is a special emphasis on harmonious and individual design.

From bamboo to pear trees, calming greenery appears everywhere, sometimes in a dazzling combination with water, sometimes accentuated with natural stone mosaics. As such, a connection with nature exists year-round. Dotted with modern seating areas, the courtyards also function as lively places for communication.

Mann entspannt in Johannisthal

An environment full of possibilities

As extensive as a park; as idyllic as a garden; as athletic as a fitness ground – these are just some of the ways to describe the outdoor facilities that circle the buildings. Everywhere you turn, there are welcoming areas for working, switching off and being active.

The spacious activity path is ideal for a wide array of sports using different facilities. For the renowned landscape architects, the highest priority was to combine work and well-being outdoors in creative and harmonious unity.